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The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) provides you immediate savings. With a Power Purchase Agreement, you buy electricity at a better rate than you do now, straight from your own roof. The Power Purchase agreement is popular with customers who want savings right now and don’t want to take out a loan.

The Solar Lease provides fixed monthly payments for the benefits of Solar Power, without requiring a loan. The Solar Lease pricing is about the same as the Power Purchase Agreement – but is averaged out over the year to give you a consistent bill. Our customers that enjoy this plan value consistency, or sometimes live on a fixed income.

The Solar Loan provides a “best of both worlds” between the Lease and Cash Purchase. The loan product keeps the tax credit for going solar in your pocket, where it belongs. Our customers that choose the Solar Loan value both long-term and immediate savings. Savings not guaranteed. Savings are based off system size and usage.

Fixed Monthly Payments
Tax Credit Available
System Owner
$0 Down
Save Money
Warranty Coverage
Optional Battery

*PPA has two options. We offer an Easy PPA that has fixed payments when the normal PPA is determined by a price per KW. Our PPA option has the availability to purchase and own system after 5 years.

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